Imagine if he looked at you like that

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900419; Happy Birthday, Kim Himchan;<3

"Although I’m the same age as Himchan, there are a lot of times when he feels like a dongsaeng as I’ve lived with him for 2~3 years. I believe that the dongsaengs follow me well thanks to Himchan. The dongsaengs follow Himchan well. To be honest, the members find me a bit difficult. And Daehyun especially." -Yongguk; 

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The many faces of Kim Himchan

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Second hand embarrassment at its finest

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'I became wrecked after you left
Come back, you were the only one
Hurry and save me’

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Himchan, get out.

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Baby Jello cleaning and complaining

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K I M H I M C H A N .

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Kim Himchan’s Emotions! (x)

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